The Contend Team • Contend Consulting

June 2019 | Services Provided: Copywriting Web Design

Keep your eyes out for Josh Hull and David Dupree because they are men of motivation and action! They created a business to help pro athletes (any sport) transition from pro sports into business ownership. As a former NFL player, Josh experienced that tension first hand and now is determined to help others like him thrive after the field.

Honestly, I was a little nervous entering into the world of sports. But Josh and David were phenomenal to work with. Their clarity and focus were unusual for entrepreneurs and it moved the process of landing on their messaging and content very quickly. It always feels good to help business owners who are truly about serving others well.

Josh & David came to us due to some previous work with our local youth center I've done over the years, which is always a compliment. They're professional, impassioned and focused entrepreneurs with a vision! Our job was to create a sports-themed website that was as efficient and professional as they are. We turned their project around in a timely manner and gave them a visual foundation to begin building their business. Oh, and I love those colors - a little sports inspiration from the Seattle Seahawks!