Angry Beaver Brewing Company

August 2015 | Services Provided: Illustration Logos

Owners, Jeff & Jenn, are bringing beer back to DuBois. Alas, when you go to visit this fine establishment you won’t enter the Angry Beaver Brewing Company …

Here’s the deal, have you ever worked on something and thought, “Man this is cool, I’m loving this” then just as you were about to wrap it up and put your final stamp of approval on it the rug gets pulled out from under you…

Yep, and so it goes with the Angry Beaver.

Angry Beaver Brewing Company

The Angry Beaver Brewing Company was about to be born and then the lawyer called. Turns out there was another party with interest in the title “Angry Beaver Brewing Company”.

Jeff & Jen reconvened, put a stop to all Angry Beaver work and we went another direction. Enter Doc G’s Brewing Co., more about that as it develops.

Anyway, here’s a few of Andy’s initial pencil sketch concepts.
Angry Beaver Brewing Company
Here’s Mr. Beaver in concept color combinations.
Angry Beaver Brewing CompanyOMPANY

The Angry Beaver... it made me giggle the first time I heard it. Now it's become one of the most interesting brands I've had the opportunity to work on. I met with Jeff and his wife, Jen as they were forging ahead with plans for a new brewery in their hometown of DuBois, PA. We worked through sketches and revisions developing their logo, some are below. As we landed on something close to final, everything stopped. Get the full story on the left until then enjoy some of my "Angry" work.